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Barb Penoyar Ramos

Untitled, 2008.

Polaroid.  33 1/2 x 22 inches.

Price available upon request


A Grosse Pointe native, Ms. Penoyar Ramos migrated to the Pacific Northwest joining

members of her immediate family after she received her BA at Syracuse University.  An

outgoing sort, she has always approached strangers in cafes or on the street who had that

certain visual character she found worthy of capyuring on film and convincing them to bestow

in her the trust it takes to relinquish something for the camera.  Some remain clothed.  Others

not.  Here she continues her nude series with an individual of determined gaze and relaxed

confidence.  As always with photographs of nudes, the viewer is left trying to put together the

social puzzle presented when class and status indicators are stripped away.